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Title: Grandia 4koma Manga Theatre
Author: 4Koma Kings
Summary: A collection of 4koma manga strips based on the GameArts RPG Grandia.

Raws: Ezekiel
Translator: Gangerli
Editor: kul65


    • Chapter 0: Download.
    • Chapter 1: Download.
    • Chapter 2: Download.
    • Chapter 3: Download.
    • Chapter 4: Editing.
    • Chapter 5: Translated.
    • Chapter 6: Translated.
    • Chapter 7: Translating.
    • Chapter 8: Scanned.
    • Chapter 9: Scanned.
    • Chapter 10: Scanned.
    • Chapter 11: Scanned.
    • Chapter 12: Scanned.
    • Chapter 13: Scanned.
    • Chapter 14: Scanned.
    • Chapter 15: Scanned.
    • Chapter 16: Scanned.


Complete Projects:

Joint project with Valkyrie-Scanlations.

Title: Happy Lesson
Author: Shinnosuke Mori
Artist: Mutsumi Sasaki
Summary: The 18 year old Susumu Arisaka finally returns to the home of his childhood after many years in a children’s home and is looking forward to an independent life as a high school student. However he has to pay off the mortgage and therefore sees no other way but to look for some housemates. And quicker than he can say lodger, five charming young ladies move in with him, who are also his teachers. He quickly realizes that his quiet life is over now, because he even has to give up on his own room and share the bed with his “Mamas”. But not only that, they never take their eyes off him and watch over his education and give him private lessons to save money on the Juku, because a shortage of money blights their life. And as if that is not enough, they try to set him up with Fumitsuki Nanaten…

Raws: Ezekiel
Translator: Malon Materia (8, 9, 11, 11.5, 13, 14)
Translator: Lea Lolo (10)
Translator: DarkShadowScans (12)
Editor: Ezekiel

Volume 1: Buy UK, Buy US
Volume 2: Download.


Title: Lunar: Vane the Story of the Inheritance
Author: Akari Funato
Airship Design: Hajime Satou
Summary: A collection of 3 tales of Dyne and Ghaleon and the Great Inheritance of Vane a magical airship, pride of the flying city of Vane.
Story 1 – The Scenery I Recall: Dyne and Ghaleons first meeting in the town of Burg.
Story 2 – Confession of the Soul: While travelling Dyne and Ghaleon help to rescue the Guildmistress of Vane.
Story 3 – The Memories I Confess: Ghaleons journey to complete his brothers last work the Great Inheritance of Vane.

Raws: Ezekiel
Translator: R. Capowski
Editor: Ezekiel

Release: Download.


Title: Magical School Lunar!
Author: Hiroko Touda
Summary: Based on the Sega Saturn game of the same name. The story follows the most troublesome class of the Magical School on the island of Yen and their adventure to understand each other and protect the island and school from the Vile Tribe.

Raws: Ezekiel
Translator: R. Capowski
Editor: Ezekiel

Volume 1: Download.
Volume 2: Download.

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Other Stuff:

grandia_digital_museum_manual_jms.jpg Title: Grandia Digital Museum Manual

Raws: Ezekiel
Translator: Marina & Ezekiel
Editor: Ezekiel

Release: Download.


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